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We make cleaning baby’s bottle a breeze with our wide range of cleaning products available. Babies have sensitive skin and using specially formulated laundry detergents for their delicate clothing are essential.

Choose from our wide range of fun and interesting soothers and teethers to cool baby’s teeth once they start growing out. To upkeep them well, make sure you don’t forget to purchase a toothpaste and toothbrush.

Keep baby looking neat and tidy not only makes them feel good but makes you feel like a proud parent when you bring them out, choose from our range of grooming products.

Sometimes baby fall sick and getting the needful healthcare items are important. When babies poop and need cleaning for their bottoms, having some wipes in hand will come in handy.  There is huge variety of wipes these days, oral wipes, hand and mouth wipes, premium wipes, hygienic wipes and nipple wipes for mums during breastfeeding. 

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Bright Starts Rattle a Round
Product Description - Roller ball with colourful ..
price: SGD 8.90
Bright Starts Soothing Ring Teether
Product Descriptions - Water-filled teether sooth..
price: SGD 4.90
Bright Starts Teethe Me Pal
Product Description - 100% silicone is easy on te..
price: SGD 9.90
Bright Starts Teethe With Me Giraffe
Product Description - Gummy, soft, teethable bead..
price: SGD 10.90
Bright Starts Twist & Teethe
Product Description - Multiple textures and teeth..
price: SGD 6.90
Farlin Lighting Ear Cleaner
Product Description - Superior material toughness..
price: SGD 10.90
Farlin Multi-Purpose Safety Scissors
Details  - The nail file is gentle for filin..
price: SGD 6.90
Farlin Safety Cotton Bud 60s
Product Description - Especially designed for bab..
price: SGD 5.90
Farlin Silcone Gum Soother Fish
Product Description - Provides relief from teethi..
price: SGD 4.50