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About Us

Our History

Baby boutique has been catering products from infant to children to both new and experience parents since 1998. We have a wide range of toys, gears n fashion of various brands that are specially designed for our customers.

Business Philosophy

For every child is unqiue and sepcial, we believe that parents would need as much support and assistance they could obtain in their daily  ife so   as to provide the best whenever required. To meet these needs, it is our strong belief to ensure that the best but yet reasonable priced  gears, gadgets, toys and fashion is there to support to the parents as they tend their children needs. With the right materials and tools, we believed that the parents will be able to raised up a healthy and joyful child that is ready to embark into the new future ahead of them.

What keeps us going...

Firstly, to be able to serve and cater to the individual needs of a customer. Next, to provide amateur parents with useful guidelines on  how  to handle their infant, as well as providing them with the list of necessities to know and purchase.